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We categorise calls by type (debt collection, serious number, sweepstakes, etc.) and give the number in question a tellows score, which indicates whether a number is trustworthy or suspicious, helping you to decide whether or not to take the call.

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    We've all had to deal with the same thing. As your phone rings from dawn till dusk and nuisance calls bask in a sun of trickery, it is the spammer and scammer that will rule the day, but nay we say! intents to disrupt the fraudster line of success by distributing important information on all sorts of unsolicited calls in Australia. If you receive a call from an unknown number, just access the tellows database and find details on the numbers point of origin and the nature of the call. The people's ignorance is the scammer most effective advantage. Not just scam calls, also text spam has increased over the years. Once you know who you are facing, you will also know the way to counteract their malevolent attempts appropriately. At this, the number's tellows score will tell you whether the caller is reliable or dubious. The higher the score the higher the risk. Learn more about the tellows score.

    Join the international community that is currently operating in 52 countries with more than 250,000 users on a daily basis and create your account fast and easy to keep track of your ratings and blocked numbers when using the tellows app for your iPhone or Android to protect you from unwanted calls on the go. Here at, not only can we provide up-to-date information on regional nuisance-call trends and currently active numbers with the heatmap, we also pinpoint the origin of your call and display it on a map by identifying the prefix. In our blog post we inform about the common scams and fraud methods reported in Australia and how you can protect yourself. Among our website to report phone numbers, we offer a caller protection for your landline phone, mobile apps, current news on the latest scam methods in our blog and a partnership program. Developers can participate in our project and make use of the data about phone scammers and spam phone numbers.

    If you want to find out where in Australia people are most bothered by annoying phone calls, then take a look at the heatmap on our statistics page. There are separate tellows websites for each country where you can find details about local numbers that called you like in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan.

    New unwanted phone numbers

    On tellows, thousands of phone numbers are reported by the community every day. Here you can find phone numbers that were reported for the first time and were classified as unwanted.
    1. Anonymous reported Toll Scam !! with the number ‎0461279301 as SMS spam

      2/25/24, 1:52 AM

      “EastLink: Toll bill generated. Penalties will be incurred for late payment. Please deal with it as ...

      1 Rating for 0461279301 (Digital mobile service)

    Recently added comments

    1. Anonymous reported Toll Scam !! with the number ‎0461279301 as SMS spam

      2/25/24, 1:52 AM via iPhone App

      “EastLink: Toll bill generated. Penalties will be incurred for late payment. Please deal with it as soon as possible. ___”

      1 Rating for 0461279301 (Digital mobile service)
    2. iPhone reported number ‎0489919789 as unknown

      2/23/24, 6:43 PM via iPhone App

      1 Rating for 0489919789 (Pivotel)
    3. iPhone reported number ‎0434959612 as Not Sure Maybe Scam

      2/23/24, 10:22 AM via iPhone App

      1 Rating for 0434959612 (Optus)
    4. Kimchee reported Myke Yohanes - Fichtl with the number ‎0390189222 as Trustworthy number

      2/23/24, 10:02 AM

      1 Rating for 0390189222 (Melbourne City Centre )
    5. Rach reported unknown with the number ‎0290579969 as Harassment calls

      2/22/24, 2:25 PM

      Automated call saying it was Ebay and I just ordered something.

      1 Rating for 0290579969 (Sydney)

    Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

    The main indicator of a number's trustworthiness, the tellows-score, is the result of a complex algorithm that is fed by your comments and ratings on numbers. Your participation is the key to successfully counteract future spam and scam attempts, since the caller knows who he or she is dealing with prior to answering the phone. Share your knowledge on the trickery of dubious entrepreneurs and help to deny them their unlawful treasure on to protect fellow Australians from unwanted calls.

    With your spam reports, other people can easily distinguish spam from a genuine number and can pick up the phone without fear. It is never too late to help someone else before they fall for a new fraud. Scammers become more and more tricky and creative. In your comment, you can describe the fraud in details, so everyone knows where the thread is. Additionally, we recommend reporting scams to Scamwatch, the Australian authority for communications and media that can take further action and provides an overview and statistics about reported scams over the years.

    Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

    1. Willow reported unknown with the number ‎0398641563 as Aggressive advertising

      2/1/24, 5:48 PM via iPhone App

      Randy Energy PTY LTD. Constantly calling, regardless of blocking the original number.

      2 Ratings for 0398641563 (Melbourne East )
    2. Telsim Australia has been reported with number ‎01300835746 as Trustworthy number

      2/8/24, 8:59 PM

      I highly recommend Telsim. The service is reliable, and the connectivity is exceptional. Telsim has consistently provided a seamless experience, ensuring I stay connected effortlessly. The customer support is responsive and efficient, making it a trustworthy choice for anyone seeking reliable communication solutions. Thumbs up for Telsim!

      2 Ratings for 01300835746 (Local rate numbers)
    3. Anonymous reported Toll Scam !! with the number ‎0461279301 as SMS spam

      2/25/24, 1:52 AM via iPhone App

      “EastLink: Toll bill generated. Penalties will be incurred for late payment. Please deal with it as soon as possible. ___”

      1 Rating for 0461279301 (Digital mobile service)
    4. iPhone reported number ‎0422678035 as Frien

      2/13/24, 11:07 AM via iPhone App

      2 Ratings for 0422678035 (Optus)
    5. Investigator Sajeevan Veeriah reported IDL HR with the number ‎0352284845 as Trustworthy number

      1/26/24, 12:52 PM via iPhone App

      1 Rating for 0352284845 (Geelong, Colac)

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