Get a new phone number

Step 4: Get a new phone number

This is the last, but the most effective option. It might cost you some money and a few nerves to provide all your friends and relatives with your new number. Never surrender and see the positive side about it: you might find another, cheaper operator or contract.


We especially advice you to change your number if you are receiving nuisance calls on a regular basis. As it is quite difficult to get your number out of the call centres database, it might be easier to just get active yourself, as getting a new number will work immediately and might have some advantages, too.

If you want to profit from the change as well, check out on the offers of different providers and choose a tariff suitable for you and your phone behaviour. Also consider reading the small print of every offer, as some might not be as lucrative as the seem in the first place. There are multiple websites dealing with the comparison of tariffs:

Please take into account, that you should not give your new number to everyone. Do not use it for any lottery or promotional purpose. Thereby you can avoid getting nuisance calls once again.